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Board Games Reborn on Mobile Platforms

Board Games Reborn Mobile Platforms

The world of modern gaming is pretty incredible. While some would say that video games are increasingly causing us to steer clear of traditional community entertainment (such as old board or card games), there’s also a clear argument that our gaming platforms are actually helping to reinvent the same games we used to play around kitchen or coffee tables. Sure, it’s all a little bit different, but if anything, video games’ continual rise has proven the enduring quality of old-fashioned games, rather than make them obsolete. Looking at some of the most advanced gaming systems and methods, it’s clear that …

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Extended Thoughts of Glass Road & Reviews Coming Soon

gr cover pic

Over the past few days I have been binging on the solo version of Glass Road.  I do not know why I had the hankering to play it so vigorously but I guess I just wanted to be, or attempt to be efficient. Do you ever get that feeling? Maybe your life is in chaos or you are feeling very productive today or this week and nothing can cure that better than trying to optimize your actions and engine in a nice deep board game. I keep a log of most of my games plays, especially when they involve trying …

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7 Unique Ways to Convince Your Friends to Play Board Games


Something most board gamers face is a poor reception when their “strange” hobby gets brought up among friends, the general public, family, etc.  You went to a 5 day convention to play board games? Here are some great and sometimes devious ways to convince some of these outsiders to join you in a glorious game of dragon slaying or pineapple shipping. If only they could know the fun they were about to have. 1.Tell them they are like video games but with no lag For those of you born before the year 1990, “lag” is a phrase used in video …

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Tides of Time Review: A 2 Player Drafting Game That Works!

Tides of Time

Tides Of Time is a small box, affordable, 2 player only card game published by Portal Games.  The basic premise of the game is that it uses a slight tweak of the typical drafting mechanic to allow the system to work better for 2 players whereas usual drafting games are 3+ players. If you read the BGG description or the back of the box there will be some mumbo jumbo about great civilizations or ancient monuments or something but do no kid yourself, this is essentially a abstract game.  Does this quick, 2 player only abstract drafting game deserve a …

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Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game Review

Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Some of the best things in life are the result of combining two things that were, in of themselves, already pretty good. Peanut Butter and Jelly Mint and Chocolate Bacon and eggs Bonnie and Clyde I guess I must be hungry.  Anyway, that is what Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game was supposed to be.  A mashup of Space Hulk Death Angel: The Card Game and Fantasy Flight’s long running and much loved Lord Of the Rings Living Card Game with the dark fantasy theme of the Warhammer universe slapped on top.  Does this combination make your taste buds flutter or …

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